Kneejerk: Week 13, The Game

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I know, I know. It took me a minute to write this post. I was still basking in the glow that was another wonderful Buckeye victory over Michigan. And no, it doesn’t get old!

I said Ohio State would win, and it would be double figures, but no way did I think the explosive Wolverine offense would be held to just 1 touchdown. The Buckeyes went on to win 37-7.

TP’s FINAL STATS: 18/27 for 220 yds, 2 TDs, INT. Rushed 49 yds on 12 carries

I didn’t think Robinson would get knocked out of this game, but he did. In hindsight, that probably would have been a safe bet. I mean, exactly how many games has he completely finished for UM? Are there any?

And, true to form, Ohio State had a slow start out of the gate. I thought that if Michigan were to have any chance at competing in this game, they’d have to jump on the slow Buckeye start and take an easy lead. Well, they failed to do so. Even after the OSU offense went 3-and-out on their first 2 possessions, the Wolverines still couldn’t put any points of their own on the board. How embarrassing for them…


  • Seven in a row. That is all.
  • I wanted a kickoff/punt return and I got one. They were due, and what better game for it to happen than The Game?
  • Speaking of the kickoff return TD, did everyone see Jaamal Berry’s block? Damn, son!
  • Those refs sucked ass. No other team, w/ those Nike Pro Combat gloves, has gotten a penalty for showing them to the crowd. Including Oregon in the Rose Bowl & Bama in the National Championship.
  • Not being in front of the TV, there were quite a few things that confused me. One being why the Michigan kicking game was non-existent. Didn’t learn, until I got home, that kicker was suspended. So, why wasn’t Forcier kicking all game? He’s serviceable, and if he’s kicking there’s no way he can throw an interception, right?
  • As usual, TP is money on broken pass plays. When he doesn’t have to “think” and can, instead, just ball out, he’s lethal!
  • I have to go back to those refs. I mean seriously. What were they smoking?
  • Does Corey Brown have concentration problems? Whole lotta drops lately…
  • Back to the refs again. Was their like a rule that they couldn’t call holding on Michigan?
  • Hooray for Shugarts not registering a false start!
  • I spent the entire first half wondering if Boom was hurt. He only had a couple of carries & the game plan seemed kinda weird and all over the place. It was working, so that was good, but lack of RB carries had me concerned, while I watched from the stands.
  • I really liked the way the jerseys looked in the sun. The gray pants with the gray socks looked, well, odd. Someone on Twitter said it looked like the team were wearing leggings lol. Can’t argue with that! I liked the socks Jordan Hall had on, with the white stripes. Much better!
  • Reading, after the game, that TP’s shoulder was really bothering him, made me respect him even more than I already did. TP just plays through all sorts of injuries that we don’t ever know about until after the fact.
  • Was it me or weren’t there a few awkward center/QB snap exchanges?
  • It was cold as hell in the ‘Shoe. Wasn’t so bad in the 1st half, when the sun was out, but the second half was quite chilly. I don’t know how many layers I had on, but soooo worth it!
  • Really gonna miss these seniors. There are so many of them too! I wish them all the success in the world in all their endeavors! Hope to see quite a few of them in the league next year (barring a lockout, of course).
  • Tate Forcier throws a pretty good ball; just not to the right people, and not on time.
  • Very impressed with Shoelace in the 1st half. Knew he was good, and didn’t disappoint. His receivers didn’t help him out that much. Buckeye fans know what that’s like. It’s called last weekend in Iowa City.
  • Another Big Ten Championship and probably another BCS Bowl. Seriously, Buckeye fans. Take a minute to step back & appreciate was Tressel has done for this program. Then look at what USC, Texas, and Florida are going through this year. That never happens to Ohio State. A “bad” year is 2-3 losses. Never have to worry about not being bowl eligible. Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?
  • The constant singing of “We Don’t Give A Damn for The Whole State of Michigan” was definitely a highlight. Loved it!
  • It didn’t dawn on me, until now, that I won’t be able to see the Buckeyes in the ‘Shoe again until April. There will be withdrawals. As usual.


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