Since I never changed the layout of this site to match the team colors of the Raiders, while Terrelle was there, I’m going to be up front and admit I probably won’t change them to Seattle’s colors now.

Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. So, I think I’ll keep the color scheme as it is now and has been since 2008 (Man, this site has been around a hot minute!).

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Terrelle Pryor Returns Home for Autograph Signing This Weekend!

Long time, no post! However, news is scarce, but I got a little somethin’ right now!

Terrelle Pryor will appear at Westmoreland Mall (in Pittsburgh) on Saturday, March 24th, for an autograph signing at Steel City Collectibles. According to the store website:

Tickets are on sale now at both stores for $30 each, and inscription tickets of up to four words are available for $15. Certificates of authenticity are only $5.

TP will be available from 1-3PM, so if you’re in the area, be sure to plan accordingly!

Also, if you haven’t “Liked” Terrelle’s new Facebook Page, please do so!

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Another TP Radio Interview: Bottom Line Sports Show

Since Terrelle specific news is pretty hard to come by these days, I’ve been scouring the net (and Twitter) looking for anything that’s post-worthy! I found one!

Last Thursday (January 26th) Terrelle was a guest on the Bottom Line Sports Show as hosted on blogtalkradio.

He talks about his rookie season with the Raiders, the transition to the NFL, the Ohio State basketball team, his background as an elite HS hoops player as well as football, does he still play basketball, his AAU hoops memories, his off-season plans, and more. Former Buckeye Will Allen even called in to talk to TP.

You can listen below. Terrelle’s segment starts about 17 minutes in and lasts about half an hour!

Listen to internet radio with Bottom Line Sports on Blog Talk Radio

(If audio player doesn’t show up, click here to visit website and listen there)

Favorite quote: “I rep Ohio State until I die”

P.S. Yes, I am still going to change the site’s theme. I’m a perfectionist & haven’t found a theme I love yet. Please be patient lol

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Two New Terrelle Radio Interviews

Now that his suspension is officially over, Terrelle Pryor is finally speaking to the media again. But he’s not forgotten about his Midwest roots. He’s done 2 interviews (that I know of) this week alone with radio stations in his old stomping ground.

I tweeted about his interview with hometown radio station, Sportsradio 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh 93.7 The Fan Interview

Then today he did an interview with Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan. Listen below.

92.3 The Fan Interview w/ Terrelle Pryor

Interesting storyline there with the Cleveland interview as a large number of Cleveland fans are also Buckeye fans as well as Browns fans, whom the Raiders play this week.

Anyway, take a listen, if you haven’t already. Love that TP is so focused on the future & trying to move forward. If people don’t want to accept his apology, that’s on them. He can’t make them and it’s not productive for him to force the issue. Some people like to hold grudges and will do so no matter what. Terrelle’s right in concentrating on working towards tomorrow.

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Raiders OC ‘Excited’ to Work With Terrelle

The other day, we got a TP update from the Raiders Head Coach, Hue Jackson. Now, the offensive coordinator, Al Saunders has spoken up as well.

“Yeah, I’m real excited to see him. We had him for a few days in training camp. Of course, anytime you get a young player, he’s been really upbeat. We’re looking forward to seeing what he can do.”

“He’s taken to the offensive terminology and the system real well. He’s done a nice job of that. He’s been working out every day. So, we’re excited when he has the opportunity to join us as a player.”

Terrelle’s suspension officially ends Sunday after the Raiders play Houston. That means, he’ll finally get to practice with his team beginning Monday.

(Source: CSN Bay Area)

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Hue Jackson Gives Terrelle Pryor Update

Finally we get to hear about how Terrelle is adjusting to professional football within the Raiders organization.

“He’s working hard,” Raiders head coach Hue Jackson told me and co-host Jim Miller on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “He’s learning the system because he can be in meetings. He can see. He can listen. He just can’t practice.

“He’s been taking that information and trying to do everything he can to be the best he can be. I think he’s looking forward to having the opportunity to be out here and working with his teammates.”

There’s a little more…

“We keep the line of communication open,” Jackson said. “He is a very forthcoming young man. If there’s something on his mind he’ll let you know, which I really respect and appreciate. We talk every day. I see him in meetings and he’s very attentive. That’s a great start for him. Now once the real football starts for him pretty soon, we’ll see exactly where he is.”

If you would like to read the full article, I’d highly recommend it.

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Spotted: Terrelle Pryor #6 Oakland Raiders Jersey

NFL Shop's offering

We’re getting there! Places like, Modell’s, Dick’s, and Sports Authority are showing TP’s Raiders jersey in stock. Yes, the actual jersey # is wrong in the photos, but don’t worry…

Disclaimer: The player’s number is subject to change and the jersey will not ship until the official number is issued

They’re at least offering the jersey this soon. I expect the merchants selling it to increase exponentially in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the Jersey Page. Because right now there ain’t nuttin’ for us ladies. That needs to change, and no pink jerseys, mmk? I hate that shit.

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Terrelle’s First Full Day as a Raider (Pictures/Video)

Video: First Media Session

Video: Behind The Shield w/ Jeanette Thompson

Video: ESPN’s story
YouTube Preview Image

Video: Pryor’s First Day (Comcast SportsNet)
YouTube Preview Image

So, TP’s first practice with the Oakland Raiders is in the books! And I see the rumors were true that he chose #6. But after seeing that he was told he could not have #2, I gotta wonder why. Hmmmm lol Doesn’t matter. I’ll be coppin’ one!

As expected, it was a little shaky/rusty, but dude has had a whirlwind of a journey leading him to California. To think he’d step into his first practice and be lights out would be a ridiculous expectation. But I’m positive that won’t stop the skeptics from prematurely proclaiming that he’s a bust. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will soon. Just wait.

Honestly, nothing Terrelle does this season is going to affect my thoughts on his NFL future. Let him take in this season, be a part of the team with a full off-season, and full camp (next year), then maybe I’ll start to take inventory. But not until then. I suggest y’all do the same.

After practice, Coach Hue Jackson had the following to say about Terrelle:

“…looks like a quarterback, feels like a quarterback, sounds like a quarterback, and I’m very excited to work with him.”

So, can everyone just chill with the hyperbole already?

Photo source: AP via Daylife &

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Terrelle Pryor is official on board with the Oakland Raiders. He signed his contract late tonight and will be on hand for his first practice in the morning. These are exciting times for TP, and I wish him the best! Let’s get this party started!

Here’s some more info on his contract, from ProFootballTalk:

Pryor receives a $586,000 signing bonus, and a base salary of $375,000 (pre-suspension). In 2012, he’ll earn $485,000, and he’s eligible to earn a $20,300 incentive based on playing time. In 2013, the salary is $595,000 with a $40,700 play-time incentive. In 2014, the salary moves to $645,000, with a $61,100 play-time incentive.

I hope my next post here has to do with what jersey number he’s gonna rock. Rumor Mill has him wearing #6. We’ll see!

BONUS READING: Check out the signing story on the Raiders website.

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Video: Terrelle Pryor’s MNF Interview

As you’ve probably heard, Terrelle was interviewed, by phone, during the Monday Night Football game between the Giants and Bears a couple of days ago. Transcripts of what he said, and general bullet points, have already been shared, but if you wanted to hear (watch?) it in its entirety, I thought some might like that as well.

So, here is the 6 minute clip! Enjoy!
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